Founded in 2004 by a group of dedicated insurance professionals, ProAdjust provides state of the art adjusting services that are cost effective, proactive and designed to add lustre to your brand as well as ours.

We bring adjusting services and claims handling techniques into the 21st Century, controlling the cost of claims with senior adjusters who are allocated sufficient time to do the job.

Operating from 15 locations across Ireland, our team comprises Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Engineers, Architects, Lawyers and Insurance professionals, have an average of 15 years experience within the business, compete at the highest level and provide a personal service second to none. Our serious loss team has solid experience with a proven track record.

ProAdjust’s track record speaks for itself, with a record of success that is hard to better. Our customer focussed no frills approach strikes entirely the right balance and ensures that we provide complete satisfaction for our customers and yours.

Solving the insurance claim puzzle is our profession, it’s what we do and we know that when you use our services all of the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place, solving your problems.
A message from our Managing Director
The ProAdjust promise is delivered by a dedicated team that enjoy what they do; show respect for each other and others; nurture relationships; promote credible and empathetic negotiating techniques, that makes us proud of who we are and what we do.

Our promise is to protect your brand and exceed your customers' expectations through a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals that we believe in and who believe in what they do.

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Martin Carway